SPUSD choirs win a combined $11,000 in Verdugo Hills A Cappella Scholarship Festival

On April 27th the SPMS Advanced Choir and SPHS Chamber Choir competed at the Verdugo Hills A Cappella Scholarship Festival. This is the third year the choir groups have participated in the event. The top choirs from greater Los Angeles show up and bring fierce competition and beautiful music. 

The day started with a welcome speech and Star Spangled Banner sing-along. Six hundred choir students were in one room, improvising harmonies to the one and half octave tune that is our national anthem. For the competition, each choir performs two (a cappella) songs and are adjudicated in nine categories (tone, balance, blend, diction, interpretation, rhythm, intonation, general effect, and music selection). 

SPMS Advanced Choir averaged 92/100 points and placed 2nd, earning a $5,500 scholarship. SPHS Chamber Choir averaged 93/100 points and placed 6th, earning another $5,500 scholarship. The scholarship money will be used for purchasing instruments, buying sheet music, hiring accompanists, and paying for buses.

Congratulations to Mx. Reinman and the SPUSD choirs!